Putting in a bit of work to get your home or investment property ready to sell is key to ensuring your listing stands out from the rest, which will lead to more interest, resulting in a quicker sale for top dollar. Here are a few suggestions: 

1.    Less is More

You want to allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space – and the best way to do so it to declutter and depersonalize the home. Removing personal items (family photos, valuables, unique/flashy pieces of art, etc.) is a great place to start before moving onto the bigger items. Opening up the space by clearing off countertops and putting excess furniture into storage will make the home feel larger and more welcoming during showings. 

2.    Lighting

Lighting can make a big difference in how your home presents. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and ensure the home is adequately lit – add a lamp in dark areas and change the brightness of bulbs in areas such as washrooms or kitchens. 

3.    Touch-Ups & Repairs 

You want buyers to focus on the positives, so taking the time to touch up or refresh paint on walls, baseboards and trim can make a huge difference. We also suggest using neutral, lighter paint colours on the walls and making any repairs to damages items in the home before showings begin. 

4.    Staging 

Staged homes sell faster and for more*! We work with professional staging companies who make the process easy and ensure your home looks great both in listing photos and in person. Having your home staged can make the space feel bigger, as buyers can sometimes have trouble imagining how furniture will fit within a room. Partial staging and virtual staging can be effective options too – ask us how. 

5.    Cleaning  

Prior to opening your home for buyers to view, we recommend either taking the time to do it yourself or hire a professional cleaner to make the property look fresh and new. Don't forget the appliances or to organize your closets/drawers as buyers may look in these.  

During our listing appointment we’ll be able to make additional recommendations for how to best present your home. We can also recommend painters, trades, and professional stagers.   

Contact us today and let's get your home sold! 

*According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and our personal experience