Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS)

With everything happening in our lives and around us, it is easy to sometimes feel as though it is difficult, or impossible, to take steps to make the world a better, more compassionate place for others. 

Thankfully, there are many amazing groups both locally and internationally which are doing great work by providing care and support, advocacy, and research to make the lives of other living beings, both humans and animals, better.  By supporting them, in any way you can, you really can make a difference.

That is why I want to share information on some of the charitable organizations I am pleased to regularly support, in hopes that you’ll connect with one of these causes and be inspired to make your own contribution, either financially or through volunteering your time, voice or expertise. 

The first amazing organization that I am spotlighting is SAINTS (the Senior Animals in Need Today Society) located in Mission, British Columbia. SAINTS is a home for the “unadoptables” – a sanctuary for senior and special needs animals (of all different species) who have nowhere else to go.  They are given a home where they can live out the rest of their lives feeling safe and loved (and they are LOVED), and where they will receive care and medical attention. Animals may end up at SAINTS for many reasons, including rental restrictions or the inability of their owners to continue providing the necessary support that these animals deserve. 

The important work done by SAINTS particularly speaks to me as my love for animals is something that my mother passed down to me at a very young age while living on a hobby farm, where we took in as many animals as we could who needed a home.  There is also something meaningful about providing love and care for senior animals in particular, that really touches my heart.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an animal at SAINTS, you can visit their website to see several of the adorable animals that are currently living in their care, including Beanie, the fun and lovable Goat, Boomer the Dog, Blueberry the Budgie, and even Donatello the Turtle.