Good things: Health Initiative for Men (HIM)

To kick off Pride week here in Vancouver I thought it would be fitting to highlight the important work done by HIM (Health Initiative for Men) in Part 3 of my “Good Things” series.
The Focus of HIM is on strengthening the physical, mental, and social health and well-being of self-identified GBQ men and gender diverse people in British Columbia. They accomplish this by offering several different services and programs which include health centres (HIV/STI prevention, testing and treatment), counselling, community building, education, and outreach.
HIM has health centres in five locations throughout the Lower Mainland (in Vancouver on Davie Street and Commercial Drive, New Westminster, Surrey, and Abbotsford), along with programs and services in British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, as well as the northern and interior regions of the province.
I am so deeply moved when I think of the impact that HIM has on the clients it serves - they truly perform life-saving work that addresses real issues and inequities, including prejudice and discrimination, that certain communities face when navigating the healthcare system. What is especially meaningful to me is knowing that HIM is an alternative that provides a safe space, free of judgement, where individuals can access support and care that they otherwise may not feel comfortable seeking out.
I’m proud to be a recurring donor of HIM and thank everyone involved who continues to contribute to this amazing organization. I encourage you to check HIM if you’re interested in becoming a donor or volunteer, or want to learn more.
Happy Pride!