We had the opportunity to share the story of our journey and motivations in the most recent issue of FolioYVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine , alongside articles which highlight outstanding members of our community.

When asked about the importance of community, Jacqueline responded, “We feel fortunate to work in an industry that allows us to make deep connections in our community and to support organizations that improve the lives of so many. Whether it was sponsoring events such as Art Rapture’s ‘The Throwback’ and an Evening in Damascus in support of Rainbow Refugee or supporting charitable or community events we love such as the Dr. Peter Centre Life Commitment Gala and Pride Cocktail Kickoff, the Momentum Gala for Ballet BC, among others, we value sharing time with many wonderful people while celebrating the efforts of those who work to improve the community we live in. Not only does this motivate us to work harder, but it also rewards us through the friendships we enjoy with people who share our values.”

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